ISDIN Micellar Solution

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ISDIN Micellar Solution 400 ml

4-in-1 micellar cleansing water

Micellar Solution gently removes impurities and makeup without altering the skin's natural barrier. After a single application, your skin is left feeling cleansed, toned and hydrated, ready for your daily facial care routine! Its gentle, alcohol-free micellar cleansing water formula is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Micellar Solution removes impurities and makeup, including waterproof, while toning and hydrating your skin, helping you prepare for your daily facial care routine morning or evening.

  • Hydrating: Eliminates impurities and makeup, leaving your skin visibly more uniform.
  • Gentle formula: Respects the skin's natural barrier and does not sting the eyes.
  • Hypoallergenic: 0% alcohol, 0% soap, 0% perfume and appropriate for sensitive skin.

How to Use

Use morning and evening as part of your facial care routine. Soak a cotton pad and gently wipe your entire face and neck area including eyes and lips. Expert tip: follow the suggested order for best results and use clean cotton pads on each area.

  1. Lips: Gently wipe upper and lower lip separately to remove any trace of lipstick or balm.
  2. Eyes: Place one soaked cotton pad on each closed eye and gently press on your eyelids for a few seconds. Sweep the cotton pad outwards and repeat if necessary.
  3. Face: Use a soaked cotton pad and starting at the center of the face, gently wipe outwards. Repeat on both sides.


Aqua (Water), Hexylene Glycol, Glycerin, Betaine, Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate/Sebacate, Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate/Caprate, Cetrimonium Bromide, Disodium EDTA.